First Saturday December 2015

After being out of the dating scene for nearly a decade and a half, I’m going on a first official date with a woman a little older than me who was introduced to me via a coworker (who I’ll name Lois).

Last week I met this same woman I’m going out with today during a group wine tasting event organized by Lois…hmmm. Coincidence? Probably not…

Lois believes it’s predestined. But you be the judge. Is it predestined if Lois introduced us by sending a text to both of us with “hey friend meet my other friend” and then making sure the both of us were in the same wine tasting event? Sounds like I’ve been Cupided. Yep I used “Cupid” as a verb.

Am I nervous? Not really. After all I don’t know anything about this woman other than the generalities. So I will take this date as an opportunity to learn about her – I’ll hide her true identity and call her Pam.

Will post the outcome of my first official date with Pam soon.

#myfirstdate #igotcupided #datingpam


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