Gettin Ready for My First Official Date 

I was instructed by Lois yesterday at work to be sure I send her a picture of what I’m wearing on my first date with Pam. 

Now I have to backup a little and provide you some background on the above instructions. Suffice it to say, Lois has helped transform my wardrobe from a frumpy old man to a fashionably hip younger looking 50 year old. 

Lois moved me from wearing baggy jeans to wearing tapered jeans with the bottoms cuffed – you know that snazzy European fashion trend.  

 Now that sounds like I’m easily persuaded but it actually took about six months to get me to change – yep I’m a stubborn old man – but who isn’t at my age!!

The top portion of tonight’s ensemble is a short sleeve with a stylish scarf.  

Now that the outfit is complete, I’m off to my official first date with Pam. Now I’m getting nervous!!!

#myfistdate #datingpam


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