Decorating for the Holidays 

My first date with Pam went well and spent over two hours in conversations about everything from work to siblings to aspirations. I’m not sure if there is a romantic connection with Pam at this point in time. Although it’s too early to discuss how we feel about each other, that innermost voice is telling me that Pam and I will most likely just be friends. Regardless we made tentative plans to connect after the holidays.
So I’m switching focus an started decorating for the holidays. Prior to going on my date with Pam, I went to a local antique and vintage show where I found some treasures that I’m using on my table scape – yep I’m a dude that decorates for the holidays and know what table scape is. 

Also found a big red star with lights for my mantle  

 and added some bling to the garland draped on the staircase and upstairs banister. Also bought a freshly sawn tree. That was an ordeal because It was just me, myself, and I buying and setting up the tree. Try handling an 8′ tree by yourself if you were only 5’6″. Boy howdy there’s som e physics going on there. After setting up the tree, l discovered I’ll need more tree trimming items, ribbons, and lights. 

I guess buying all this new stuff is the small price of restarting my life…


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