My Blog Was Discovered

Oh Mondays…don’t you just love them. I wish I worked a four day week so I can have another day of fun. Oh well…off to work…

After settling in and unpacking my laptop, I told a coworker and friend that I started what we talked about last week. Now just to backtrack a little, my friend and I were lightheartedly talking about me starting a blog that talked about all the antics at work – especially those things that I get put through by Lois and Jackie. We both laughed, but he was serious. Then it made me wonder…well why not. What’s the worst that could happen…no one would follow me? I’ve had worse things. So the blog Sam50PDX was started…

So jumping back to today, I told Chad that I did it. He looked at me with confusion. I dropped him another hint and it still didn’t register. So I walked back to my desk thinking if I should tell him. Well I decided to and after I mentioned “blog” we both grinned and laughed like two kids. Chad’s excitement reminded me of when I was a young kid opening my presents on Christmas morning. 

I told Chad the name of my blog and it was the first one on his Google search results, which I was shocked…but yeah!! Well since Lois sits next to Chad, she overheard us and she came closer and began reading my posts.

Her immediate response was, “why Sam50…”?  I explained, “SAM stood for Single Asian Male and that 50 was my age…”.  Lois rolled her eyes at the same time dropped her head in disappointment. Chad and I both laughed. That’s my typical day.  

Now I mentioned Jackie in the beginning of this post. There will be more stories with Jackie and Lois later as these are the two folks that know me the best and have continued to help me transform. 

We all need great friends…

#bestiesatwotk #officefriends #greatfriends #officeantics


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