Another Round of Purging 

The focus area for this round of purging is the kitchen. In hindsight I should have focused on this area first since I spend a lot of time cooking and washing dishes. 

Experts say when you go through a breakup (or a loss) you’re not supposed to change anything for about a year. Ha!! I should have ripped that band aide off then!!

I mean here’s the dishes I kept.  

 You’re probably thinking the same thing I’m telling myself, “why would a single straight guy keep these flower-covered dishes? Sam, would you really serve food to your new friends with this set?” I’m sure you’re screaming into your devices the same answer I’m screaming in my head…”No!” 

There’s nothing like hosting a holiday party to get the purging process moving faster. I’m also finding new items I gave up during the “parsing of the common property” that I need to repurchase….but still keeping it simple and only rebuilding my kitchenware with only the necessary. So the big reveal…  

 …ah!! Purging feels great!!

#purgingtheold #rebuilding


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