Short Sleeves With Scarves 

I started wearing my scarves since the weather started getting cooler and gray…you know the typical Pacific NW winter weather that lasts until almost summer! Just on a whim, I decided to wear my scarf throughout the entire day. Mind you it’s not too cold in the office but thought to myself, “it’ll be fine.” 


Enter Lois, “why are you wearing a scarf with your short sleeve shirt?” I replied with gusto, “because it looks cool!”  Lois retorted, “take that scarf off!”  I said “no” she said “yes”. This went on for a few minutes but I won this little fashion battle (for now). One thing I’ve learned is it’s never over. 

The next day I again wore a short sleeve shirt with a different scarf being careful the colors matched or at least complimented the other part of my attire. Once again the mini fashion scuffle happened and again I emerged the victor. I thought to myself, “Yeah, another fashion scuffle win.” 

Keep in mind, this was a daily discussion that lasted for about a week. Some days it was Lois alone and some days it was both Lois and Jackie. For a point of reference, Chad and the other men in the office thought as I did that the scarf look was a cool fashion statement. 

On Monday of this week I didn’t don a scarf. Lois commented, “where’s the scarf?”  I thought, “Ahah! Wearing a scarf with a short sleeve shirt was indeed fashionable.” So today I’m wearing my short sleeve shirt with my scarf and again the debate was on. 


You be the judge!!   Is it fussy? Pretentious?  Cool fashion trend?

#scarfwithshortsleeves #fashiontrendforguys


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