First Annual Holiday Party (Part 2 of 3)

6:45AM the alarm on my iPhone began beeping causing me to jump wide awake. “Come on Sam! Let’s get up!”, I told myself. “The party starts at 3PM, but first things first…coffee and lots of it.”

I checked the ribs chilling in the fridge and they looked perfect. They got another rub down, then flipped, and back in the fridge for a couple of hours of more marinating. 

The chicken wings were next to be cleaned, prepped and marinated. I made another batch of my special rub, applied it to the chicken wings, dropped them into a ziplock bag, and put them in the fridge to chill. Onto the next dishes. 

Everything seemed to be back on schedule…but wait, something was off. Glancing up at the clock it read, “9:45AM.” “Hmmm. Wonder why the kids hadn’t called?” I asked myself. So I called them.  

See I thought Murphy left because things were running smoothly, but no he slept in a little longer than I did and was now wide awake and wreaking havoc. The kids were just getting ready and wouldn’t be on the road for another 30 minutes. This puts them at my house at about 2:30PM in the afternoon, which is only 30 minutes before my guests start arriving. So there goes my preparation help and puts me further behind, again. My immediate thought, “I need to cancel the party “. But I didn’t. “Keep going Sam!” I told myself. 

The ribs were put in the Treager and I started both the coconut chicken   

and the pork adobo  since they both take the same time to cook on the stove. Call me crazy but I still needed to get dressed for the party. So while the food slowly simmered, I took a quick break to prepare myself. 

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “don’t leave your food unattended …something else is going to go wrong!”

You’re sort of right! I passed the perfectly set table and I realized I had forgotten two important items – soda pop and chafing fuel. 

So I was back on the phone with the kids then off to get myself ready. 

“Ugh!” I grunted. By this time, Murphy’s damage has been set. It was now my turn to abandon the original plan and continue moving forward. Whatever happens… happens! “Just keep moving, Sam!” I said to myself encouragingly. 


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