First Annual Holiday Party (Part 3 of 3)

Well…nothing went wrong with the simmering food and after about 45 minutes, both the dishes slowly cooking on the stove were ready to move to the two awaiting crockpots and I was shaved, showered, and dressed. As expected both​ the coconut chicken and the pork adobo finished about the same time. 

Looking at the clock it read, “12 noon.” Time to add the chicken wings to the grill as they need about 2-1/2 hours to smoke.  

With the wings on the grill, it’s time to prepare the next dish – lumpia  (Filipino style egg roll). 

The preparation for lumpia takes time as it requires a lot of chopping, then cooking, then rolling before it’s ready for the final frying.  
“I’m not going to be done before my first guest arrives. I need another plan.” I murmured to myself as started chopping the vegetables for the lumpia. But I had no clue, no alternate plan, and still have four dishes to make. I got half way through the chopping of the vegetables for the lumpia when the kids arrived, as expected, around 2:30PM. 

I pulled the ribs and chicken wings off the grill to let them rest before transferring them to the buffet table, my son’s girlfriend jumped right in and started helping with the lumpia, and my son finished setting up the chafing fuel. 

30 minutes later, just after placing the ribs and chicken wings into one of the chafing dishes, Jean and her husband arrived. A few minutes later, the rest of my guests arrived, including Lois and Jackie and their families. They asked how they can help so I put them to work – the alternate plan surfaced on its own.  

It turns out everyone enjoyed helping and welcomed the phased approach of the event. It gave them time to sample the food and enjoy each other’s company while the next course was prepared and cooked. I wondered, “Did they think that’s how I had planned the whole event.” It doesn’t matter now. In the end, everyone was full and enjoyed themselves…  

everything worked out just fine! I am very blessed to have the best friends!!!  

 Merry Christmas all!!


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