What Happened With Pam

It’s been about a week since my first date with Pam. Lois and Jackie both teased they would “accidentally” show up at the restaurant I had planned to take Pam to, but I’m glad they were just kidding. Or were they?

Back to my first date. Overall I had a pleasant time with Pam and we had good conversations (and Jackie nor Lois showed – or if they did, I didn’t see either one). I can tell it will take some time for something (if anything) to materialize between us. I know I’m still a little guarded and as I read Pam’s body language, she is too. “But that’s okay, Sam.” I reminded myself. “You’re not in a race, so just enjoy exploring new people.”

Now I’m not the type of person to date multiple women at the same time or what the young kids call it today, “A Player”. I also don’t like the bar scene – never had. So other than friends, how would you meet someone new?

With the encouragements from Lois and Jackie, I’ve joined the online dating community and have been emailing several ladies.

No face to face meet up yet. Hmm…Do you call it dating when you’re only emailing each other?

Another friend introduced me to one of her single friends and we have emailed each other several times. By her picture alone, there’s no connection (for me anyway), but hey she’s another “friend” I can have a meal with. 

Now don’t get me wrong and don’t think that I’m shallow but…looks do matter. Think about it – you’ll have to look at that person’s face every time you’re with them. For me, if I’m not attracted to a lady at the beginning, I’m probably not going to grow attracted to her as she and I continue dating.  Also If there’s no chemistry then there’s no chemistry. You can’t force that.

I can say for certain, online dating definitely is a strange new world for me. I get a list of potential matches on a daily basis based on my profile. Then if I see someone that I want to get to know, I send them a message using the ap’s service. Then it’s the ladies choice to respond or not. 

This would be bad for those guys who are bent to the “glass half empty” point of view. You get a lot of non-responses. So if these were face to face encounters that would be the same as, “ugh no way!”

I tell myself, “I’m just speed dating… over an extended timeframe.” Maybe I’ll try an actual speed dating event where you sit and mingle face to face with a dozen or more ladies in one evening. Since it was Jackie’s idea maybe she can be my wing woman (haha). Her hubby would kill me!

As for Pam and me, we are planning to connect after the new year and work on her website project. Maybe something will develop (no pun intended)…


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