House Updates – Kitchen Faucet (Part 1 of 5)

I learned a lot of things about my new to me house during my first annual holiday party that needs to be updated. 

If I were to take priorities from Jackie, she would say, “do the stairs!”  

My stairs are carpeted and three of the steps have noticeably different carpet. When I took possession of my house, she and Lois did a walk through with me. Jackie gasped in awe, “why would anyone sell their house with different carpets on the main path of a home? You should replace that immediately!” For me that’s not the most critical especially that I’m planning to eventually rip out all the carpeting on the stairs and replace it with matching maple stair threads.

As for my priorities, the first on the list is the kitchen faucet since I cook and wash dishes a lot. I was telling Jean and Lois’s husband at the party, “l don’t think the previous owner did much cooking or entertaining.” 

The gap between the spout of the faucet and the sink was not more than 10″ (or so it seems), which makes washing dishes difficult.  

The previous owner was a tall woman so not sure how she managed when I’m 5’6″ and I find it frustrating. 

After washing the pots and pans, crockpot inserts and chafing pans used during my holiday party, I’m feeling the faucet should have a much taller neck, swivels, and has a built-in sprayer where the water exits the faucet. Maybe a touch feature as well so tapping it would turn the water on and off.

The final vision for the updated kitchen would have stainless steel appliances and possibly a cabinet door facelift. So the new faucet will need to match or at least compliment the modern stainless and streamline cabinet appearance. 

Time to go kitchen faucet shopping!

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