Home Design – Lighting (Part 1 of 2: Living Area)

One of the other things I recently learned about my house during my holiday party is I need more lighting. It’s funny when you buy a house you don’t think about lighting all that much other than if there’s good amount of natural light coming into the space. At least that’s what goes through my mind as I view homes. The artificial lighting needs don’t surface until you’ve moved in. 

Also I was house hunting during the months when there were more daylight hours. However now that we are in the winter months, when daylight hours are shorter (and scarce) it gets really dark in some parts of the house, even during the day. 

One particular area is the main living room.  

There is only one recessed light located a few steps inside the front door. I don’t have a foyer area. So once you step into my house your facing the living room, which is void of ceiling lights. 

To compensate for the dimness, I’ve installed a couple of my table lamps but those no longer go with the decor of the space and they don’t produce enough light. One of them, I’ll donate to charity. The other I will try to relocate it to another room (as long as it blends with the feel of the room).

I think the long term fix for my living area is to wire in new lighting with a dimmer feature. However for an interim solution,  I think a floor lamp and a different table lamp would take care of my immediate dark space problem. 

Now I cannot just buy any floor lamp or just any table lamp. The design gods and goddesses would roll up to my doorstep and a new reality show “How NOT to Design” would be born! Hmm…wonder if that would be a good show? I digress…

The new portable light fixtures need to match the living room space and interchangeable with the rest of the house. And I don’t want a matching set…that’s too boring! I also have to be mindful of the guresses (Jackie and Lois) and their voices in my head saying, “Sam, you need to remove the foofy from your decor!” Case in point the reverse painted floral lamp.

Back to my dilemma of having insufficient lighting in my living room space. One other thing to note is my living and dining space is an open concept, which is great for entertaining a sizable group.  

Since there is no dividing structure between the two areas, the color palette needs to flow from one space to the other. 

The lighting in the dining area is silver with frosted white glass shades. The hardware in the kitchen, the drawer pulls, the color of the doorknobs, and the color of all the door hinges in the entire house is also silver toned.  

So the new table lamp for the living room also needs to be in the similar or same silver and white finishes. 

For the floor lamp, I was contemplating the need to carry the same silver tone but maybe incorporate the frosted glass similar to what is in the dining lights.

I’m also looking to have an industrial feel to the floor lamp.  

Long term it would be incredible to  repurpose stage lighting for a floor lamp or transform something that was not originally intended as a lighting device to bring light into the dark corners in my living room. 

But that’s a different project…

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