House Updates – Kitchen Faucet (Part 2 of 5)

Browsing through the many stores and the many options, it was overwhelming picking just one from the variety of models and features. 

 I thought I had a good strategy by taking a picture of the cabinet pulls, the door knobs, the kitchen sink drain, and counter area around the sink so that I can match the style and finish of the metal on the new faucet with color palette of the kitchen.  

Holy crap! There’s way too many options and some are quite spendy! Especially those with the touch feature.

My little voice inside my head whispered, “Sam, bet you can find the same model online.” It may be worth the delayed gratification instead of paying full price. “What? Delayed satisfaction!”  

My little voice of reason had a point. I conducted a quick search online and found even more options, which instead of narrowing my selection, it only added to my confusion. 

Maybe I should employ the little rhyme we learned and recited in grade school, “…eeny meeny miny  moe…my mother told me to pick the very best one and you are it!” 

On second thought,  that won’t work here. Oh, which one do I pick…

#kitchenupdates #dyikitchen #kitchenfaucet


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