Online Dating: week 3

Maybe it’s the holiday season or maybe it’s my profile, but I’m not really progressing as I thought I would. 

The advertising on TV make it seem like you find a woman to date rather quickly and get to know them and then eventually go out on an actual live date. 

Sad to say but I think online dating is a numbers game and the algorithm that finds your potential match are missing the mark for my criteria in a partner.  

Some of the matches were questionable. Even Jackie and Lois were viewing some with me one day and they passed on most of them as well.

So every day, I get an email stating, “Hi Sam! You have 23 new matches.”  

The number of matches various each day, but the message is the same. So day after day now for the last three weeks I’ve glanced through their “selected” potential partners (like a trained rat lab going through a maze) and have passed on many of the so called matches picked for me.  

Now don’t get me wrong. There were a few that actually matched my criteria and I have initiated and sent them the icebreaker questions. 

That’s how one of the single sites work. The other site just lets you send an email to the person you’re interested in. 

A quick detour…the two sites I’m active on have email functions within their system so you remain anonymous until you take the conversation to your personal emails. I don’t recommend taking conversations to your personal mail immediately. I’ll share that story in separate post. That one was a doozy of a lesson learned. 

Back to this week’s summary. I’m exchanging emails with a couple of matches from this week. One is local to the PDX (Portland, OR) area. The other lives in Washington state in a city named Federal Way, which is a few hours north of PDX. 

The conversation with the one in Federal Way is beyond the initial question stage and now in the emailing game. This is where most fizz out. We’ll see how this one pans out…

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One thought on “Online Dating: week 3

  1. Once e-mailing ask for the date within the first few messages. Beyond that the woman will start to shut down. She will give you her number, do NOT fall into the trap of starting a textlationship with someone you have not even met yet. If they try, send a witty reply along with have a nice day! Texting is only to set the date or let each other know that you have arrived at the meeting spot. Good luck – Ive met over 60 chicks, giving you my hard earned raw advice! 🙂

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