Alter Egos

What does a single man do the day after Christmas? Sleep in and have a movie or TV series binge watching marathon! Or hit the stores for the deep discounts on after Christmas sales? No not this guy…well maybe the latter…

I few months ago I discovered a coworker has an alter ego and plays saxophone in a band. Now being an ex high school marching band geek who also played saxophone, I had to check out my coworker’s talent who was playing at downtown PDX bar – Jimmy Mak’s. 

I arrived around 7 that night and there was already a small line forming out the door. My coworker told me this place would fill up quickly. I guess I arrived at the right time. 

The music didn’t start until 8 so I grabbed a seat at the bar, which was away from the stage and towards the back of the room. The room was darker than I had imagined. It had just enough lighting to see around you but not much. Most of the lighting was on the stage. 

Since this was the first time eating at this establishment, I thought I should play it safe. I ordered the Jimmy Mak’s burger and a beer. The burger comes with bacon! You can’t go wrong if it comes with bacon. 

The bacon cheeseburger and fries were decent and the beer was cold and complimented the ambiance of the bar. 

Around 8PM the band was introduced and the crowded room settled in and helped ignite the energy of the band. I listened in awe and surprise as my coworker played.

It’s great uncovering people’s alter ego and what they do outside the work place. Like the famous line from the movie “Forest Gump”, “…you never know what you gonna get…” 

If you like 70’s era funk, blues, and soul gendre, and you find your way to the Pacific NW, or if you happen to live in the Portland, OR area, I highly recommend seeing my coworker’s band Ants in the Kitchen.

You can hear a mix of their music at

You can find them online at

It was getting late and I was still looking at a good hour to get home. I left around the fourth number but wished I could have stayed longer. 

Had I driven in, I would have stayed until the band’s first break, but I traveled to downtown PDX that night by way of the MAX (Portland’s light rail system). 

The night was cold walking to the MAX station, but at least it wasn’t raining. As I waited for my train, I thought to myself, “Rock on alter ego! Rock on!”

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