Broken Toilet Handle – Bad Feng Shui – part 1 of 2

If you follow the practice of feng shui, every part of the bathroom needs to be operational. Any part not working properly should be repaired or replaced. 

 A few days ago, during my “cleaning day” I heard the peculiar and unexpected clink on the porcelain lid when I attempted to flush the toilet in my master bathroom. According to feng shui keeping the bathroom in proper working order allows good energy flow. “Maybe that’s why my love life is nonexistent or flatlined”, I laughed to myself.

I removed the porcelain lid and inspected the flushing mechanism. What I saw wasn’t what I had expected. Now just to give you a reference, I’ve repaired and replaced several toilets and have renovated and updated some of the homes I’ve previously lived in. So toilet and plumbing issues weren’t new to me. But I also should pause and mention plumbing is my least favorite task!

Prior to removing the porcelain lid, I was expecting to see the typical metal chain (which is usually located between the rubber flapper and the rod handle) become disconnected. My mind told me, “You’ve got this. Just reattach the chain and we’re done.” I was anticipating a simple 10 second fix of reattaching the chain. “Well crap!” That wasn’t my case. 

 The connector was not a chain. Rather it was a stiff plastic rod like stick with beads. So the fix wasn’t as quick as I had thought and now requires a trip to the local hardware store. 

Did I mention of all the repair work, plumbing is my least favorite? “Ugh!” Browsing the plumbing aisle, I found a possible replacement that should be relatively quick and easy to install. 

I showed the picture I snapped previously to the aide working the plumbing aisle and he confirmed, “Yep, that should work.” Feeling optimistic, I rushed to the check out counter and rushed back home. 

Excitedly I removed the tank lid and yelled out loud, “NOOOOOO!” After repairing several flushing systems in my lifetime, you would think I would have learned from prior toilet flushing encounters. But no! What I purchased was not going to work…

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