Good Feng Shui Restored to My Bathroom – part 2 of 2

The first issue was the flapper I had purchased was the wrong size and the existing rod and handle assembly had no holes to hang the new chain. Had I looked at the rod and handle unit closer, I would have also purchased the appropriate replacement flush handle and rod assembly. 

So back I go to the hardware store again! “Yippee! Just what I wanted to do.” 

This time (and what I should have done the first time) I pulled out the existing flapper and removed the flush handle and rod assembly and took both with me.  

After triple checking to ensure the replacement parts are similar and would work, I somberly exchanged the previous purchased flapper and paid for the difference and headed home. In less than 30 minutes, the toilet was back to working condition and good feng shui restored. 

It’s been said, “a picture says 10,000 words.” But for my case, my picture did not tell the story.

So the big lesson is to not take shortcuts as I did. As my story shows, it took twice as long and spent more time and energy than I had to if I just disassembled the broken pieces and carried them with me to the store the first time. 

 To be your Yoda, glad I am…

#bathroom #toiletrepairs #fengshui #plumbingrepair #plumbing #goodenergy


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