Online Dating: week 4

I wish I could say this week’s online dating adventure was better than the prior weeks. The low light…I was the trained lab rat for another week browsing through the dating sites’ algorithms selection of my possible matches. 

 Similar to last week, I did find a couple of possibilities and sent them the icebreaker questions. On the other site I’m active on, I did send an email to someone that was interesting. But no replies from either of these new efforts or from prior weeks. 

As for the highlight of this week…is that another week has passed which gets me a week closer to getting through the numbers.  

Maybe it’s time to tweak my profile description. After all it’s been a month and no real movement beyond the online conversations. 

Maybe I can phrase some things to give a different tone. You know? It’s like word smithing an email to soften the message and make it less offensive (or more offensive if you really want to burn bridges). 

Maybe I’ll add some humorous tones. Or sarcastic tones (my oldest son is good at that). I’ll run it by my wing women Jackie and Lois to get their point of views. 

If no responses by this coming Friday, updating my dating profile is the agenda for the first full week in the new year. 

#singleasianmale #onlinedating #datingprofile #wordsmithing


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