Happy New Year 2016

Another year has left us and a new year has just begun. I stopped making New Years resolutions as I have a hard time committing and sticking to them. So instead of resolving to something I’m just making slight tweaks that will lead to the overall big change. 

However I will continue to do things that have proven to work – call it tradition or perhaps superstition. But here’s a couple of must dos. When I say “must dos” I really mean must eat. 

Growing up in the south, I’ve carried on my family radition of eating black eye peas on New Year’s Day.  

I prepare it several ways and it doesn’t matter how it’s prepared but just that we consume it on this day. One year I added bacon, brown sugar, and maple syrup to the black eye peas and it came out like baked beans.  This year I’ll just add the left over ham that I froze from thanksgiving with a little honey. 

The other traditional must eat is some form of greens, which symbolizes wealth. Well that’s what my mama always said. In my past years I’ve made collard greens with bacon, oven baked kale chips, or cabbage (in a variety of ways). Last year’s cabbage variety was cole slaw, which actually complimented the black eye peas very well. 

This year I’m making a traditional Filipino dish that has cabbage and boiled pork ribs. The last must eat is another Filipino dish with noodles called Pancit Bihon, which are the clear rice noodles. 

 When I’m joined by my oldest son, I’ll make his favorite Pancit Canton (yellow noodles). Although the pancit noodles weren’t included in the traditional New Year’s Day meal growing up, I have recently added it just because I like it.

 The only other tradition growing up, which I’ve carried forward and happens on New Year’s Eve, is to watch fireworks (either in person or on TV). 

Feel free to add a comment and share your family’s New Year traditions. 

So wherever you are on this New Year’s Day, I’m wishing you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous, and safe 2016. 

Happy New Years all!! 

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