Paint Night with Jackie & Lois

I took a break from the home projects and did something new. Lois found an event that showcases our artistic expressions through painting paired with food and wine. Turns out the event didn’t serve food but they did serve wine and cider. Luckily there were some food options close by.  

In the last creative night out, Jackie and I were so hungry afterwards because we didn’t realize how long the class was​ and we didn’t eat prior. This time we ate first – didn’t want a repeat of the ‘hangry Jackie & Sam siting’. 

 Based on a recommendation, we selected the restaurant Ruddick/Wood, which was walking distance from the paint night event. With 45 minutes until class, we walked to the restaurant, ordered and ate our food, and quickly scurried back to the art studio / wine tasting event. “Whew,” I muttered to myself as we arrived just in time for the class to start. 

We settled in and got ready for our painting fun…and of course wine!

I haven’t handled a paint brush this small since art class in high school. The skill level for this painting event is rated hard – but I didn’t see that until after I had agreed. 

Many moons ago back in high school, I was actually good in art and my favorite medium were grease pens because I can use my hands and fingers. When I described this to Jackie, she boiled it down as, “so you like finger painting?”  “Ha!” I replied with a grin. 

Jackie was and is still apprehensive as she claims she’s not very good. I advised, “Just have fun and don’t worry about the outcome…I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Turns out she’s pretty decent when compared to my painting skills. “Good job Jackie!” Lois’s painting also came out really nice.  

Not sure if I would take up the hobby. But I would go again with my wing women and besties. 

#paintnight #artisticexpression #foodandwine #closefriends #bestfriends


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