Which Kitchen Faucet To Buy – (Part 3 of 5)

After browsing online and offline through the many (and I literally mean many) options, I selected one that have the lines that goes with the room’s features as well as compliments the rest of the house.

There was a lot of internal back and forth talking between me, myself, and I. We agreed to limit the options to be stainless steel because eventually the kitchen would have all new stainless steel kitchen appliances. But do I go with a restaurant style with the spring spray handle? 

After a brief pause, my mind went to the cleaning between the springs in the handle. You see I like to wipe down my faucet after the dishes are done. You may be saying to yourself, “Sam has a bit of OCD.” Yep you’re right, but it’s better these days.  

I had to get rid of an area rug with fringes as I had to straighten the fringes before I left the room. 

Getting back to the faucet selection, I can just imagine having dust or food particles caught between the springs. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. So that’s a big “No” on the faucet with the springs. Do I want a shiny or brushed finish? 

 A shiny finish does sparkle and is what currently is installed. So maybe a less shiny finish to not outshine the hardware on the cabinets. Or should I go with a brushed finish?   

Now the brushed finish would go best with the future end state of the kitchen. But so would the slightly more shiny one. Hmm…brushed finish or slightly more shiny? I wish I had a coin to help with the decision.

I called a quick board meeting with the three heads (me, myself, and I). It took some time but we eventually came to a consensus and purchased the perfect faucet for my house…

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