Exercising with Kitchen Cabinets (Part 1 of 5)

One way to find things that need updating in your home is to host a party. After hosting my first holiday party, I realized my cabinets where I keep my pots, pans, mixing bowls, and storage containers need those sliding drawers. 

During the preparation of the food, I was constantly getting on my hands and knees pulling items out from the lower cabinets to fetch the item buried in the back. Keep in mind I’m only 5’6″. 

If I had those sliding cabinet drawers, then I could simply pull out the drawer, select the item then push the drawer back in place. 

Instead I pulled nearly everything out and put everything back before closing the cabinet doors. I was thinking to myself, “What a pain!” after crouching down for the third time to pull another item from the back of different cabinet.

I guess if I were a glass half full person I would have told myself, “I’m getting in my exercise.” Try being positive after the fourth and fifth time you crouch to reach something out from the back of the cabinet. Mind you, all this crouching so far was just during the preparation. 

Then after I prepared the food and washed the dirtied pots and pans, I performed a final round of crouching again to pull everything out just to put everything back to their resting spots. Of course the crouching exercise will be repeated once I need to use them again. Just typing this makes me shout out loud, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Alas the cabinet gods have spoken, or perhaps it was a recollection of an episode on some DIY show on TV.  

The future is awesome! 

There is great hope for eliminating my crouching tiger pulling everything out of my cabinet exercise routine. 

One thing I didn’t realize is there are so  many  (I mean lots and lots) of different options!!   

Do I go with metal or with wood? How narrow should the shelf be? How tall should the sides of the shelf be? Oh the endless possibilities! Also now that I have the images of the innards of my cabinets in my mind, I hope I can sleep tonight!

Well it’s time to measure and hopefully I can find an “out of the box” cabinet drawer / sliding shelf solution. “Crap!” I have to pull most (if not everything) out from each cabinet again…

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