Online Dating: week 5

No change in the progress since last week. The low light…I’m still a lab rat in some weird social science experiment.  

Since there was no forward movement beyond the back and forth Q&A icebreakers, this week’s focus is about tweaking my online profile. 

It reminds me of when I was a younger kid (maybe when I was in my pre-teenage years) being taught how to fish. When fish weren’t biting, I was taught to change the presentation of the bait. Sometimes a completely different bait had to be used. Today I’m a pretty decent fishermen since I’ve learned to pay attention to the always changing conditions. 

So for now, like fishing, I’ll change the presentation of my dating profile and let that stew for a month. Maybe I’ll get more nibbles (see what I did there).

The high light…I actually went on a date. Mind you this was the offline method via a friend’s introduction. But nonetheless it was a date!

 The other high light is knowing my online profile has to be tweaked and I am now conducting my own experiments by word smithing my profile instead of just being a lab rat. The other change is to initiate more conversations and see if that brings more results. 

Jackie mentioned the other day that one of her single girlfriends is also using online dating and have finally found her “match”. This was roughly 9 months later and after a couple of dozen dates. Hmmm…so based on those numbers and keep in mind I haven’t got one date from online dating site yet, I’ll be blogging about my online dating experiences until 2018ish. 

You’re probably saying, “Whoa! Back up! Tell me about your actual date!” 

Well…that’s a whole entire new post. Don’t worry, I’ll provide the details (well most of it anyway)…

#singleasianmale #onlinedating #datingprofile 


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