Yes Jackie, I’m Finally Tackling The Stairs (Part 1 of 6)

During the holiday season, I had a kitchen design consultant come to my house to discuss and provide options for a more functional kitchen. Of course I only agreed to the kitchen consult because it was provided with no obligation to purchase. Their estimate includes cabinet refacing. 
 One of the things I want to change is the color scheme in the kitchen. It has a washed out look between the cabinets and the floors. The only sparkle in the space is the granite tiles. 

As part of the quote, the cabinet doors and drawer facings would get a makeover. This is where I learned about the available colors for my existing maple cabinets. None of the color options were appealing.  So I’m leaning to leave it as is. 

 So now I’m thinking I should redo the flooring. You see the flooring is also maple in the natural tone, which is the same as the kitchen cabinets. Thus resulting in a washed out kitchen color scheme. 

Originally I was just going to extend the flooring to the rest of the house. The stairs would follow suit and also would be the same natural maple. 

Since I’m not ready to make a final decision, I ordered two stair threads in the natural maple finish just to see what it would look like with the rest of the house. I’ve also picked up a couple of flooring options (well actually about 10 samples) in different woods and colors. 

Of course there are way too many combinations and I’ll need time to figure out the right one for the house. Hmmm, I think I need to date an interior designer…just kidding…but not really…

#dyihouseupdates #dyistairs #maplestairthreads #maplefloors


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