Quote For A More Functional Kitchen (Part 2 of 5)

The quote from the kitchen consultant to reface my existing cabinets and create a more functional kitchen would cost between $11k and $14k, depending if I decide to repurpose one of the existing cabinets.

This includes building a lazy susan in the corner bottom cabinet,  

rebuilding all new drawers with easy close sliders, and includes the pull out shelving in the lower cabinets.  

This also includes updated hardware and pull handles. 

So I’ve started pricing out the work if I did it myself. You’re probably jumping up and down yelling, “What? Are you crazy thinking of doing that yourself?” Like I mentioned in a previous post, updating houses aren’t new to me. So I think I can do it for less.  

But we shall see. 

Just think about it, if I farmed out the work, you won’t be as entertained reading about all the “what not to dos!”  It should be fun…

#dyihouseupdates #kitchenupdates #kitchencabinets #kitchendrawers #easyclosedrawers #softclosehinges


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