My First Online Match (The First Night) – part 1 of 5

Prior to my first post and just when I completed my online profile with, one of the female members sent me a wink.

Now I’m not really sure what a wink really does other than be a possible hook to engage newbie men and women to communicate with each other. You know, like one of those icebreaker tools.So this female member (I’ll call her Shelli) sent me a wink. 

I reviewed her profile and browsed through her pictures. She was beautiful – I mean absolutely gorgeous!  

She was very photogenic with long blonde colored hair, big round beautiful brown eyes, and very cute facial features. I say blonde colored because her picture shows some signs of her brunette roots and her brows are also brunette. My immediate thought was, “What? This can’t be true! Why is this person winking at me?”  

Now I’m not by any means unattractive but I also know I’m way out of this woman’s league. If I ever saw a woman who looks like this walking hand in hand with an average man (which I consider myself to be), I would immediately think, “this man has lots of money, he has a nice car, or he exceeds sexually.” Hey I’m just being honest!

Back to the story. Being new to this online dating, I winked back. 

Now…I remember when I was younger and was still exploring life and discovered this amazing energy called fire. I could watch it for hours. I also remember my parents telling me to not play with fire because it could burn me. As with most people I learn a lot of things by doing and not by someone telling me about it. I never got burned but I did learn how fire starts and spreads with the right fuel. Little did I know that winking with Shelli was like starting a fire. 

 After exchanging winks, she sends me a message and I reply. Then she informs me that her subscription is expiring and wants to carry on with our conversation outside the network.  I thought, “That’s weird!” But I ignored the red flag my mind was sending me and moved to texting…and the fire gets larger. 

Here’s a side note. If you’re new to online dating or thinking about joining, I recommend staying on the dating site’s communication system until you feel safe and comfortable with the other person before moving to an external texting system or to your personal emails. I’m new to the online dating scene so I agreed. After all what did I know…and the fire grew even larger.   

After moving to a texting platform, we exchange the normal questions, how long have you been single, what do you do for a living, do you have kids, and yada yada. I tell her I just turned 50. She informs she’s 37 but that age is just a number as long as there’s chemistry. “Whoa!”, I almost fell over. 

Like any average looking geek that meets a beautiful girl, I think to myself, “Score! You’re a lucky guy!”  It reminds me of that TV series ‘Chuck‘ starring Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski where a nerd falls for a beautiful bombshell. The fire is now fueled for a long burn. 

 Then she begins a deeper dive into relationships. She tells me she’s been single for two years (which is the same length of time that I’ve been single) and tells me she’s looking to find the right guy to start a long term relationship and that she misses being in love. I tell her, “You’re still very young and beautiful (and please don’t take that the wrong way). So you will have plenty of time to find someone that would love you as much as you love him.” A nice compliment, so I thought. 

She texted back, “Are you not willing to be the man if we get to know each other?”    

And the fire crackles and pops…

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