My First Online Match (The Morning After) – part 2 of 5

Let’s take a little detour. I grew up in the southern part of Texas and swam in the Gulf of Mexico when I was a younger kid.  

For those familiar with this body of water, it’s not the bluest or cleanest, and it’s really murky because the waves churn up the sandy bottom. 

On occasion when predator animals (yes that means sharks!) or a storm surge comes through the area, the life guard stations and piers dotted along the beaches fly warning flags indicating how dangerous the swimming conditions are for that time.  

It’s very important to pay attention especially if the purple predator or red undertow flags are flying. Undertows are strong currents that are capable of sucking you under the water and drowning you. With Shelli, the yellow warning flags were definitely flying. But was I paying attention to them? Noooo….

Back to the story…

As the night became early morning, we continued texting about our families and what we did for a living. Then she starts pulling on my heart strings. 

She says she’s an only child and that she lost her mom before her teenage years and then lost her dad when she was in her late teens. Other than her only relative in Texas, she had no other family. It was a bit depressing story and I felt empathy as I read her text. I told her how sorry I felt for her loss. 

Can you imagine losing both of your parents and being the only sibling? My heart reached out for her.

She told me she wants to send me an email and asked for my email address. So I gave it to her. After a few more text exchanges, we said our good nights and ended our texting. Mind you this was just the first night. 

The next morning I get an early text from Shelli. “Good morning, did you sleep well?” I replied and told her I did. She told me she sent me an email and asked if I had read it yet. I told her, “I received it, read it, enjoyed her pictures, but hadn’t had a chance to reply.”

I really had to pinch myself as Shelli is gorgeous! I told her I had to get ready for work and would try to text her later that day and that I would also respond to her email. I wished her a great day. She reciprocated. 

Before I actually left for the office, I created a rough draft for me to complete later that day when I needed a mental break from work. By mid morning I was able to take a break and fired off the email. 

Roughly ten minutes later she texted me, “Hi my handsome man! I got your mail!”…the red undertow flag is now flying.

 Her text continued, “I’m so very happy to receive your email. I’ve read it and have sent you another mail.” In her chain of texts she also asked about when I was going to lunch and what time I was leaving work that day.  

I texted back and informed her I had several back to back meetings after lunch and would leave around 5ish. I also let her know I would exercise after work and would be available after that. 

Wait! What just happened? I’m checking in with this lady I just met the day before! Did I just get hitched?

She wished me a great afternoon and I returned the same wish to her.

Later that night, Shelli and I resumed our texting marathon. We found out more about each other like favorite foods, color, places we’ve been, where we were born, where we grew up, places to visit, and the normal conversations you would think that should have been when two people just have met. 

 The yellow flags had returned…

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