My First Online Match (Her Friends & Love Letters) – part 3 of 5

Every morning since we winked at each other I have a text that usually starts with “Good morning…hope you slept well…what’s your plans for the day…” 

For someone I just met, I don’t think I would be that personal and that close as Shelli and I have become. Our texting conversation moved quickly into a deeper discussions about feelings and what we thought about. 

It was really weird to find that kind of connection that soon. It’s as if I had met her at a bar the night before, we got sauced, we ended back at my place, and now she’s waking up next to me every day…literally…via my iPhone. 

What’s even stranger was…I didn’t mind it. However my sixth sense was practically screaming in my ear with one of those giant megaphones but I couldn’t hear it. Someone slap me awake!

The second night of texting marathon creeped into the wee morning hours of our third day. She told me that she’ll send me an email with more questions. I told her, “I look forward to it.” We both ended our texting with good nights… 

the green warning flags were once again flying…

The next morning I received my now “usual” text from Shelli wishing me a good morning and asking about my schedule for the day. I replied, “today would be very busy with back to back meetings in both the morning and afternoon.” It was a Wednesday, which is typically my busiest day of the week.  

She texted back her itinerary for her day. 

Now…would you call this a relationship? I just met this beautiful virtual lady online two days ago and this is now our morning routine. Was this really happening? I haven’t seen Shelli face to face but now I really want to…

Shelli informed her day was light and that she was meeting her friend for lunch. This was her friend that had met her husband on and who also persuaded Shelli to join to find her mate. 

We exchanged our morning pleasantries and told her to have fun catching up with her friend. Hmmm…Are morning “pleasantries” like virtual hugs and kisses before we go off to work?

About mid morning Shelli checks in and texted to let me know she’s going to lunch with her friend. I replied back, “Have a great lunch and have fun visiting with you friend!”

About half hour or so later, Shelli texted saying they’re having a great lunch and just wanted to let me know that their lunch conversation is now all about her and me. Shelli went on to say, “My friend thinks you’re great and I can’t wait for you to meet her!”  To which I replied, “I look forward to meeting your friends as well!”

Since Shelli has no relatives living close to her, you could say that her friends are her closest relatives. Wow! The more Shelli and I text and email each other, the more I want to meet her face to face. 

We texted later on that afternoon with more pleasantries and check in for the remainder of the day. She informed she was going for a run. I replied,”Be safe and have a great run.”

She sent a picture of her on the trail in her running outfit. I responded, “You look beautiful!” She thanked me and also confessed, “Sam, you’re constantly in my mind…I think I’m addicted to you…”

…the double red, stay out of the water flags are now flying.

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