My First Online Match (My Wing Women) – part 4 of 5

Wow I can’t believe the past few days! I like that Shelli’s become addicted to me, and I’m getting there too. Can that be possible? After all, I met this beautiful sweet lady online three days ago and now I’m planning a weekend trip in my mind to visit her.  

I had a few minutes between meetings so I popped online to find last minute flights to meet this beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, and kind hearted woman. 

Let’s step back a few emails. Shelli and I don’t live in the same state. We actually don’t live in the same time zone. She’s one hour ahead and resides in Arizona. 

As I’m contemplating my travel for the upcoming weekend, Jackie had come over to talk with Lois. So I meandered over to Lois’s desk and joined the conversation. 

When they asked what my weekend plans were I told them I was thinking of going to Arizona and Jackie asked, “Why?”

So I let both know about the past few days and brought them up to speed (for the most part). They don’t need all the intimate details. I showed them Shelli’s pictures and that I was planning to meet this person face to face. 

Jackie exclaimed, “Why do you want a long distance relationship? You should find someone local!” Lois added, “Yeah! Besides women with Pitbul dogs are trouble!”  

Shelli sent me a picture previously of her and her Pitbul dog. 

So I continue down this rabbit hole and asked, “Let me ask you both. Why would this girl, who’s very beautiful and gorgeous even consider me?” Jackie immediately responded, “Why do you say that! You’re not ugly!” I retort, “I know I’m not, but look at me and now look at her.”  

I’m pointing to Shelli’s pictures. I continued, “Come on. Next to her I’m like the beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast‘!” Lois pipes in, “Maybe she’s after your money!” We all laughed. 

I had to run to my sessions of meetings. 

I have to pause and say Jackie and Lois are my best buds and they will always shoot straight from the hip and let me know the dirty truth (or at least their honest opinion). It’s great to have them as friends and wingwomen in my corner!

The rest of the afternoon was a session of what seemed to be endless meetings. I was brain dead and exhausted and finally left the office around 6ish. 

I fired off a text to Shelli that my day was finally over and headed home for my exercise routine.

I got home exercised, ate, and unfortunately fell asleep. I awoke a few hours later to find I had received several texts from Shelli. I apologized and she figured I had fallen asleep. She knew I had a long day and understood my exhaustive state. We ended our night early and said our parting pleasantries and wished each other good night. 

Is it possible to be in a relationship if you haven’t physically met that person face to face. 

“Wake up, Sam!”, my inner voice was screaming in my mind. 

“The undertow has sucked you under the water…keep fighting and swim to the surface!!!”

I stayed up a little longer to find a weekend flight! 

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