My First Online Match (Kaboom!) – part 5 of 5

The next morning I received my usual and anticipated text from Shelli and was looking forward to actually meeting her face to face. Now I hadn’t told her I was planning a trip to see her because I wanted it to be a surprise, and I thought it would be a romantic first meet.

The night before she also said she was going to send me an email and wanted me to really think it through before I responded. 

To give some context, her last relationship didn’t end well and she, like me, has trust issues. In our intimate discussions we talked about our past relationships and that we subconsciously know that all people are not the same and that we won’t necessarily get treated badly with the next person we build a relationship with. Regardless, the sting of distrust is a common thread between us. 

Her email from last night was entitled “If I Allow You In My Heart” and it was long. But I read through it. Now…I’m not a fast reader and I have to sometimes re-read sentences and paragraphs to ensure clarity and context. 

In the first several paragraphs, I can tell Shelli was also looking to have a face to face encounter. She talked about always thinking about me the first thing in the morning and couldn’t wait to hear how my day went, and also loved catching up during the day. I have to admit, I did too!

Then the tone and writing style changed in the next paragraph and that tone and writing style continued to the remainder of her email. I had to scratch my head a little and re-read it several times. It just didn’t fit with the first three paragraphs or the prior conversations we’ve had. 

The remainder of her email read, 

If I allow you into my heart which is a very special place, can I trust you to hold it or will you throw it back in my face? Will you give it alot of love,kindness and affection, or will you lie and mislead it in all different directions? Would you take care of it as it would take care of you,or would you rip it out and step on it with your shoe?If I allow you in my heart which is capable of generating warm feelings of love your way, would you hold it tenderly and caress it each and everyday? A heart as bright as the sunshine rays lighting the very corners of you soul, holding you taking your breath away.If I allow you in my heart,through all it’s up and downs will you be there holding it to the end, understanding it’s emotions not allowing your love to bend?If I allow you in my heart to feel the warmth of your hand will you embrace it with your love,your passions,your plans?If I allow you in my heart will I know your love for it is real,will you cherish it and show it how a real woman feels?If I allow you in my heart will you fill it with all of your manhood your pasion your fire, the very essense of you…your desire?To get in my heart it will except no imitation, if you promise to love, cherish,and take care of it, my heart extends to you..
I would love to stop here for now.
God Bless

In my initial reaction I thought, “That’s strange!” Then I thought well maybe that’s a poem she wrote. 

Looking back to the previous emails and texts, it didn’t fit her writing style as I noticed before. So don’t think she wrote that personally. 

So I thought for a bit and came to an idea that perhaps it was a lyric to a song.  So of course, with technology at my fingertips, I googled it. 

 Confusion and horror hit my gut simultaneously as if Mohammed Ali hit me with one of his 1-2 punch combinations. I re-read the last part of Shelli’s email and it was verbatim to what I found. 

To my shock, it wasn’t a poem…

It was copied from a website, almost word for word mind you, about a series of scam letters from 1970’s between a lady named Nicole Bates and her target man named Clifford. 

“It can’t be true!” I hoped to myself. 

I quickly re-read through all the emails between “Shelli” and me and nearly vomited. Most everything we talked about, her responses, her inquiries, were laid out in the scam letters from Nicole to Clifford. If I had eaten breakfast before reading “Shelli’s” email, I probably would have spewed it all up. 

I was sickened and irate! I fired off a text, 

Hi – so I’m not sure how to respond because I think you wrote the first three paragraphs but then the writing style changed. I was reading something online about letters. Your last paragraph is almost verbatim to the last paragraph in letter #2 in this article.

Can you please explain?? I thought you were real???

Please tell me that you’re real??? I thought we really had something in common. 

Well of course “Shelli” never responded. 

My little voice in my head kept telling me something wasn’t right, but I never imagined it to be this…a scam…

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7 thoughts on “My First Online Match (Kaboom!) – part 5 of 5

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. I only liked this post so you would know how much appreciate your honesty. My best friend went through something similar several years ago. He “met” a girl playing online poker, and they soon started exchanging emails. He told me about it after they had exchanged a few, and he asked me what I thought. There was something in her emails that made me leery, so I did the same thing that you did–pasted a paragraph into Google. And, yeah, I had the same result that you did. (That, and she forgot to put his name into one of the emails, and it had **** where his name should have been in several places.) I’m sorry you were scammed, but I’m glad you didn’t lose any money in the exchange. Had my own scammer almost exactly a year ago, too. (I didn’t lose any money either.) Good luck out there. Stay safe!

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    1. Yeah it’s a crazy world that folks try to scam others. I’m just thankful that I have a great circle of friends that help protect me and that the little voice in my head was present. Good luck and stay safe yourself!!

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