Leavenworth, WA Snowshoeing (Day 2)

On the way back to my son’s apartment, we decided we would start out earlier in the morning and would take the third option over Mt. Baker. 

Sunday morning arrived, we woke early and headed out the door by 8:30am, stopped by a local coffee house and ate our breakfast and sipped our coffees. We were on the road by 9. 

We reached Leavenworth in about 3 hours, parked Betsy where we parked her the day before, and met up with a childhood friend of my son’s girlfriend at one of the restaurants that served bratwurst and sauerkraut. 

 In talking with some of the locals, this year’s snow fall was more than the past several years. So Mother Nature was providing the scenic backdrop for refueling my spirit. 

By noon, we secured our snowshoeing gear and headed out to one of the local trails called Icicle Road which meandered and followed the Wenatchee River.  

The signage normally visible during the summer months were covered with the snow drifts. So we guessed where the actual trailhead started. 

 Our first stop, we got out and tested our gear, had a snow ball fight and goofed around like kids. So basically three 30 something and a 50 year old became 8 and 10 year olds again. It was a blast!

After about 30 minutes of horsing around we set off on our snowshoeing adventure. After about a mile we came to another location that looked like the beginning of the actual trailhead. Like I mentioned previously the trail markings were covered by snow. 

So we hiked a little longer (about another half mile) all the while thinking we didn’t drive far enough. We collectively made the decision to go back to our vehicles and drive further down Icicle Road. 

We drove about 5 miles and found other cars parked and thought this has to be it. So we piled out, geared up, and headed down our assumed trail.  

We snowshoed another 2.5 miles and stumbled on the actual trailhead head. Oh well, “We all thought! We got our hike in and then some!” 

We continued and found a bridge that crossed over the Wenatchee River. The scenery was incredibly beautiful. My refueling is more than half full now.  

On the way up to the bridge, we encountered cross country skiers and I thought, “Wow! I’d like to try that sport one day!” Maybe I said it out loud as my son responded, “No way! That’s too hard!” 

We stayed a while at the bridge watching and taking in nature. It was completely mesmerizing and breathtaking to just be in the still of nature. We stayed for half hour longer. By this time our daylight was fading into dusk and we decided to head back to our vehicles. 

 It’s truly amazing how nature unfolds itself as the light of the day fades into night. By the time we returned to our vehicles my refueling was completed. 

We packed our gear into Betsy’s bed and headed back into town to return our equipment. We decided to stop and grab a bite before heading back. 

While on the trail I decided to do 25 trails this year (2016). I’ll definitely return to Leavenworth during the spring or summer!

It’s a great place to refuel and get reenergized…

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