Online Dating: week 8

As I discovered last week my intro messages were boring and mechanical. So the week’s agenda was to go back and revamp each of the previous messages sent and make them unique, relevant, and personal. I’ve also added a call to action by suggesting a meet up at a public location to see if there’s a connection. 

I’m finding some of the profiles I’ve sent messages prior to had no meat in their stories or descriptions. So I’m putting those on the back burner. I guess I selected them based on their profile pictures alone. I’ll figure out a way to pull information or maybe I’ll just skip them altogether. 

I did something different this week… 

 With Jackie’s prodding, I attended a speed dating event. I’ll detail the event in a separate post and if I find a match I’ll describe that as it unfolds. 

For this week’s summary (these are collective numbers)

  • eHarmony: 47 icebreakers initiated; 3 responded (which includes the no show I talked about in last week’s post)
  • 27 messages sent with one of them as an upgraded message; one response. Then there was Shelli who initiated the conversation that I detailed the events in a separate post – it’s a doozy but worth the read 
  • Zoosk: 40 messages; no responses 
  • Speed dating: 19 face to face “first dates”. Although each date lasted 5 minutes, I’m counting them because there were interaction between the two of us instead of just one sided conversations. 

So online dating – 4 responses out of 104 conversations initiated. Response rate fell to 3.8% or a 1:26 ratio and still resulting in zero dates.

Speed dating – 19 responses out of 20. One of the ladies left because she became too intoxicated to continue. Imagine that! So 19 actual first dates! Bam!

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2 thoughts on “Online Dating: week 8

    1. I don’t send smiles. The icebreakers are the 5 initial questions that eHarmony uses. For the speed dating, I’ll be posting that experience soon. Its scheduled for tomorrow’s post:-)


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