Speed Dating: Select Yes And Hope For A Match 

You think that five minutes is a lot of time to get to know someone, but in reality it really flies by super fast especially if both individuals are into the conversation. Here are my encounters with each of the three ladies I felt a connection with. 

Lolis (#10) was a pretty lady with an exotic Latin accent, which I found intoxicatingly drawn to every time she spoke. She was born in Mexico City and moved to the States in the late 1990s. Although she’s been in the USA for over 10 years she still had that beautiful, yet very pronounced accent. We talked about our families and what we liked to do for fun. “Ding!” went the bell. 

Shelly (#17) was a cute lady who’s been a teacher for many years. She first taught language arts to 4th and 5th graders. She recently switched to teach kindergarten age children, which tells me she has that special quality to be patient and loving. During our 5 minute conversation, I asked which age group she liked better. She replied, “Definitely kindergarten!” I probed, “Why?” She responded smilingly, “Because they tell me they love me every day.”  Then the bell rang, “Ding!” 

Lisa (#25) was the cutest and guessing the youngest of the 19 women I met the night before (in my eyes anyway). The age group of the women were between 45 and 55 and guessing by her hands she was closer to 45. 

 My theory is the back of the hands will tell the truth about ones age rather than just the face. Unless they’ve had plastic surgery, then my theory doesn’t hold water. The more or less wrinkles and the more or less taught the skin is the indication of age. The older, the less taught the skin and the more wrinkles. Again that’s just my theory. 

Back to my last pick…

Lisa hailed from Anchorage, Alaska and was an educator. I probed, “What type of educator?” I was expecting a reply that she teaches high school, middle school, or something like that. She replied with a confused look and repeated, “I’m an educator, you know like an educator.” I thought to myself, “Hmmmm. Okay. Next topic. Traveling!” So I asked her and she told me she’s recently traveled to Italy and then asked her if she enjoyed the food. She said yeah but didn’t have time to elaborate.  “Ding!” went the bell. 

I waited until Sunday afternoon to enter my selection. I maneuvered to the DateSwitch site, logged in, and entered my yeses next to the three ladies. 

 Immediately after submitting my “Yes” options next to Lolis, Shelly, and Lisa, I received a notification of a match. I wasn’t expecting such a speedy return since responses from my online dating experience were less than stellar. 

Based on this experience, the speed dating venue is very different in that the icebreakers have been completed with the face to face encounter. So I’ve personally met the 19 and ladies and limited my options to those that I felt a connection with. Hmmm I haven’t got that far with online dating – I’m still trying to get a response!

Anyway yeah! I received a match for a second date. It was Shelly…

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2 thoughts on “Speed Dating: Select Yes And Hope For A Match 

  1. Good for you! Tip for your date with Shelly, just keep asking her questions (like it appears you did on the speed date) – let her do at least 70% of the talking. Best way to guarantee you 2nd and 3rd dates.

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