Second Date With Shelly (the set up)

Upon learning I had a match from the speed dating event, I nearly fell over. I didn’t expect to have been paired with someone this soon. After all, I’ve been diligently sending out inquiries and messages on the various online dating sites for the last couple of months, resulting in no actual date from all my efforts. I would have expected to have progressed to a few face to face dates. 

According to the advertisements for, “We’re the number one site for second dates.” Funny! I’ve not gone on one date yet from that site, or either of the other two sites. 

So onto setting up the date with Shelly…

I sent Shelly an email (using my dating account email – not my personal email) stating the obvious that we selected each other for a second date. 

Hi Shelly – this is Sam. It was great to meet you at Hobos on Saturday night for the DateSwitch event. It looks like we both like each other and want to continue getting to know one another.

I’m thinking maybe we can meet for conversation over coffee for our 2nd date or I’m open if you have something else in mind. If we find we have a connection, we can decide what happens next.
I look forward to hearing from you. 

Have a great Sunday!!
Talk soon…Sam 

I re-read the message making sure I had complete thoughts and didn’t sound like a babbling idiot or someone who couldn’t spell correctly. I pressed the “send ” icon on my iPhone and saw the time stamp of 4:15pm. 

Why is it that whenever we start a new relationship whether it’s a new romance or just friends we expect immediate responses after sending them an email or text. It’s amazing how fast we “talk” with people today who are not within earshot. 
 It’s very different than how we responded in the yesteryears gone by where we had to send letters over the much slower pony express or telegrams. 

Today we have the bloody internet and cell towers so emails and texts are sent instantly after the “send” button is pushed.  

So I guess I was expecting a fast reply from Shelly. It didn’t happen immediately. 

So I went about and completed the rest of my “prevening” house chores. 

As explained by the character Sheldon Cooper from the tv show Big Bang Theory, “…prevening is the time between afternoon and evening…bazinga”

I received a response from Shelly later that night that read…

Hey Sam ,

I think coffee or a beverage sounds like a great idea. It will be nice to talk for more than five minutes! Not sure when you are thinking, during the week can be tough for me and my family’s schedules. I have my kids this weekend but could meet in the morning on either Saturday or Sunday. Does either work? I can’t remember where you are located, but I am in McMinnville. Any good coffee shops your way? I have a couple here (non-Starbucks). Let me know. Have a great start to the week tomorrow. Shelly

After a few more email exchanges, we settled on a local coffee shop on the following Saturday around 9am. 

Unlike the feeling I had with the almost date from eHarmony, which I described in a previous post, my little voice in my head said, “Shelly will actually show up and you both will like each other enough and will probably setup a third date.” 

 So I guess my little voice in my head is now a medium…or perhaps it was brainwashing me…

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