Second Date With Shelly (the coffee house)

As noted in a prior post I am customarily overly early just to eliminate any logistics issues. The weatherman from the night before indicated showers in morning and temperatures in the 30s…not freezing but cold. 

I left my house, stopped to pull out some cash from local Wells Fargo ATM, and headed south to meet Shelly. I sent her an email via my iPhone to let her know I’m on my way and will meet her at the coffee shop. The time was about 7:45AM which should get me to our meeting place in about an hour. I thought to myself, “More than enough time!”

I took the scenic route through the back country roads so as to not be crazed by the potential bad drivers that pepper the normal interstate. My theory is there are less idiotic drivers on the backroads than there would be on the main thoroughfare. 

Halfway to my destination, I checked my phone and saw an email. Shelly replied, “See you there!”

 Like the first half of my trip, the second half of the drive down was equally beautiful and pleasant as the morning fog was lifting its hold on the surrounding hillside. As expected the idiotic drivers were not present and I made great time. According to the estimated arrival time displayed on the Apple map on my iPhone, I would arrive about 10 minutes before 9AM. 

 As promised by Apple maps, I was parked outside Cornerstone Coffee at 8:50AM. I waited in my car for five minutes before the hour then entered the establishment. 

I didn’t see Shelly so I took a table that had a good line of sight to the front door so she could see me and vice versa. She arrived a few minutes later. We hugged and exchanged our polite second date hellos. 

 I asked if she was ready for some coffee. She replied, “Yes of course.” Now unlike Starbucks, this coffee house served their coffees in big ceramic cups and the barista actually makes those intricate artistic design with the frothy milk. You don’t receive that level of service at the big chain coffee houses. 

We grabbed our coffees and settled in at a table by the front window. We hit it off right away. Shelly was very pleasant to talk with. She held my gaze and didn’t look away as we talked about ourselves. As the saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” And she was speaking and connecting from her soul. Or she could be real good at faking it! The little voice in my head wasn’t screaming so all was good (for now). 

It’s funny how our mind wonders and thinks about things. Shelly was in the middle of answering some question or telling me a story when my mind started a closer examinations of her face. 

She was a younger looking 52 year old and her eyes danced and twinkled as she spoke. You’re probably wondering, “Sam,  how do you know her age?” I was raised to never ask a woman her age. But I can ask the internet. I googled Shelly and learned several things prior to our second date. One of which was her age. Hey, I was just practicing safety. 

I continued with my examination as she spoke. Her nose fit her face and came to a cute point that rested symmetrically on her upper lip. Her lips weren’t full but they weren’t plump like Angelina Jolie either. I guess you could say, the fullness of her lips also fit her face. 

As she spoke, I continued watching her lips and mouth. She wore braces. Not the Invisalign version but the old metal kind, which is odd for someone in my age group. If I had to wear braces, I would definitely take the Invisalign path. I didn’t notice any speech degradation so that tells me she’s worn the braces for some time. Then my mind thought, “I’ve never kissed a lady with braces before. Hmmm, I wonder what that would be like?”

“Whoa!” screamed my little voice. “Stay in the moment!”

After about three hours, we ended our conversations and left the coffee house and headed to our cars. It turns out she parked behind me. 

We hugged. This time it was much longer (at least seven Mississippis maybe ten) and tighter than the hug we exchanged three hours prior. I said, “I’d like to do this again.” Shelly replied, “I would too.” 

Wait…what! Pinch me! I just setup a third date…

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