Online Dating: week 9

This week I’ve continued to send inquiries and messages that are personal and relevant to what was common between me and my potential matches. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that eHarmony is matching me with either real young ladies (early to mid 30s) or with very mature ladies (late 50’s to mid 60’s).  

For this site, there is a filter that could be set so that the selection should be limited within an age range I had selected. You would think the algorithm would limit the selection. It looks like the algorithm takes my selected range and then only shows women plus or minus five years of that range. Really weird!

Other than eHarmony, I feel the results from the other sites are working better. My only gauge is the number of responses received. I’m still looking for the elusive first date but I think the numbers have improved or at least have begun moving in the positive direction. 

For this week’s summary (these are numbers to date)

  • eHarmony: 75 icebreakers initiated; 6 responded (which includes the no show I talked about in a prior post)
  • 44 messages sent with one of them as an upgraded message; 5 response. Then there was Shelli who initiated the conversation that I detailed the events in a separate post – it’s a doozy but worth the read 
  • Zoosk: 69 messages; no responses 
  • Speed dating: 19 face to face “first dates” with one 2nd date, and a 3rd probable date 

Online dating – 11 responses out of 188 conversations initiated. Response rate increased to 5.9% or a 1:18 ratio and still resulting in zero face to face dates.

Speed dating – 19 face to face first dates;  one 2nd date, and one potential 3rd date!

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