Third Date With Shelly (are we there yet)

The hour and a half drive from Shelly’s house to the convention center went by quickly. As we approached our destination the topic of discussion quickly turned from us to finding parking. 

 I haven’t been to the convention center before and Shelly hasn’t been there in years, so we’re both trying to figure out where to park. I drove passed the convention center and didn’t see any lots or parking structure. Shelly gave some directions which after following didn’t result into a parking space either. By this time we were many blocks beyond the event. So we made two lefts and headed back to the direction of the convention center. 

Now I’ve witnessed other couples, both newly formed and those who’ve been married or have been together for a while.The tension of the smallest amount (like finding a parking spot) could and normally exploded out of control and became more than it really should have. 

Shelly and my quest to find a parking spot wasn’t like that. It was uncanny that we worked as team so quickly. My mind drifted, “Hmmm, is she on her best behavior or is she really this calm or are we just that compatible?” Regardless the reason, I liked it!

Traveling back to the center, I noticed a very small sign that informed us parking for convention center was the next left. “Look there’s parking to the left,” I told Shelly. She said, “Take it you’re clear!” So I took the turn.  

Within minutes we found the parking garage to the convention center. It was about 3:45 by the time I found a parking spot. We walked to the elevator banks and rode up to the lobby. 

I asked her, “How are you with big crowds of people?” She replied, “I’m not too found of them.” I thought to myself while acknowledging her response, “Hmm I guess we should have talked about this before we decided on this event.” We stood in line and I bought our tickets. 

Let’s digress…Now I grew up in a big city in Texas and when I left, about a decade ago, the population was approaching six million people.  

The whole state of Oregon has around 4 million in population. Portland metro area itself has somewhere around 1.5 million. So crowds don’t really bother me. Stupid people bother me but crowds, I’m okay with. 

Shelly on the other hand is a small town girl and grew up mostly in Oregon.  

So city life and hoards of folks isn’t her favorite. Wonder why she agreed to this event. She did say she liked trying out new things. Maybe that’s why she chose 2pm to avoid the large crowds during the lunch rush. Besides my gentleman upbringing, I also have a protective nature. So I’ll keep a close eye out for her. 

Back to the story…

The signage in the convention center were lacking.  

It turned out there were two other events occurring during the same time – Chinese New Year festival and some wedding gown event. After asking several people, we finally found the entrance to the wine and seafood section. 

Based on the TV advertisements, the venue had over 50 booths from the local wineries as well as local restaurants cooking up a buffet of seafood dishes from Dungeness crabs, shrimp, scallops and salmon.  

The aroma wafted into the lobby where we stood in line to get wristbands that indicated our drinking status and the back of our hands stamped to allow us to exit and return privileges to the event.  

Yum! I was in food heaven…

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