Third Date With Shelly (wine and seafood)

As we walked through the doorway and entered the show, we were immediately faced with a large group of folks who congregated around one of the wine booths. Surprisingly Shelly led the way through the blockade of bodies. So check, she’s assertive when she needs to be and powers through roadblocks. Wow! I love that in a partner. Did I just think ‘partner’?

We stopped at a wine booth that wasn’t as crowded and asked how the event worked.  

The lady behind the counter explained, “Tastings are usually a dollar. Some cost $2, depending on the wine and the cellar. You can also buy bottles of wine.” I looked at Shelly and she looked back and we committed to understanding the rules and initiated the wine sampling. 

Shelly is a red wine girl so she tried a red. I tried their Pinot Gris. We tasted half of our wines and switched our plastic tasting cups. I tried her red and she in turn tried my Gris. We both didn’t like either one. I paid $2 and we walked to another booth. 

She recognized the next cellar. We asked to taste their Riesling and another wine which neither of us could pronounce. Again we switched after sampling half of the contents poured into each of our plastic tasting cups. Hands down we both loved the Riesling and thought the other one was just okay. 

We went to the next booth then the next and so on. We followed this pattern for a few more booths sharing the content of each other’s plastic tasting shot glasses. One of the booths we happened upon sold commemorative wine glasses.  

I purchased two stemless wine glasses. and we continued our dance of tasting and sharing for the rest of the show. We made good use of our newly purchased wine glasses. 

If I really think about it, we were sharing spittle without our lips touching. I didn’t mind and I doubt Shelly did either. Actually, we also started standing closer to each other as we maneuvered from booth to booth. In addition to standing closer, our faces also came closer as we discussed our thoughts on the wine we sampled. I don’t think the leaning in was due the noise level, rather I think we’re both getting comfortable and familiar with each other. Even our gazes held each other longer and longer and we began to start and finish each other’s sentences. You can say our verbal and nonverbal conversations were becoming as one. 

“Hmmm,” I thought. “Did she want a kiss or was she getting a little buzzed?” At the next booth, I leaned in closer and she did too. At one of the booths later we were holding each other as I found my hand on the small of her back and hers were around my waist.  

At another booth our faces were literally less than an inch from each other. So close in fact that I could touch her nose with the tip of my tongue. But neither of us made the full commitment to touch lips. 

“Go for it Sam! Just do it already!” I thought to myself. I held her gaze in mine. I leaned in…

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