Third Date With Shelly (I’m tipsy and need food)

As she leaned in, she said, “I’m getting tipsy and need to eat.”

We took a break from the wine tasting and found a line that sold a risotto rice with scallops. Delicious!!   

 Shelly picked a scallop taco that had cabbage and a slice of bacon with a remoulade type cream sauce.  

Like the wine, we shared our meals and occasionally fed each other. First with forks then with fingers. Again I didn’t mind and Shelly didn’t either. 

On our hour and a half trip from Shelly’s house, she mentioned her best friend would be at the same event and that we may see her and her date there. While we were in line for our food, Shelly’s friend found us. Her friend was apparently #22 at the speed dating event. But I didn’t recognize her. We talked for a bit then left her friend and her date to do more wine tasting. 

After about another hour of our tasting and sharing dance, we took another break and had some intimate discussions about our intension with each other. She asked about my ex and I shared my break up story. She then shared her tale. At one point she teared up as she was talking about how her ex husband treated her. 

In my eyes he didn’t treat her as his equal much less his wife. As a man I was offended. I would never dream of treating my wife as someone lower than me. Shelly still hurts from the thought of her past. I had to hug her.  

We all have baggage that’s heavy and pains us even after a lot of time have passed. 

We decided to leave the event. Shelly said, “Sam I have to eat some real food! I’m still tipsy.” I asked, “What are you hungry for?” She immediately replied, ” A burger!” I retorted with excitement, “Ok! Let’s go!”

We found her friend again and said our goodbyes and left to find some “tipsy recovery” food. As we headed out of the venue, she googled the options. She recognized a bar nearby called the Doug Fir lounge. She pronounced loudly, “They  serve the best burgers and beer!”

We exited the arena and headed for the garage. She thought we were walking because she didn’t think we could drive. I told her I was fine and headed back to where we parked. The risotto absorbed a lot of the alcohol as I wasn’t feeling tipsy at all, which was surprising as I sampled the same amount of wine as she did. 

We found my car, paid for parking and followed the directions provided by the Apple map app. We found the Doug Fir lounge but couldn’t find parking. I wish there were an app that could find parking!

Apparently it was a happening place. After several passes and not finding parking, Shelly began searching for the second option. 

She couldn’t find another burger option so we drove down the street. Shelly spotted a place that had Edison lights hanging on the outside patio and their neon open sign was lit. “Let’s try that place!” She said excitedly as she was pointing in the direction to the left of me. I asked if she’s been there before. She said “No!” I followed with, “Cool! Let’s go!”

I love Shelly’s spontaneous nature and it turns out we both like exploring new places to eat. 

The place was called Base Camp Brewery.  

Outside the brew pub were two food carts which served food to their bar patrons. We grabbed a menu and found a couple of seats. We placed our order and waited for our meal. 

My order came out first. We shared my chips while waiting for her food. It was now about 9:30pm. I think it was past Shelly’s bedtime as she yawned throughout her meal. We finished our food, paid the tab, and headed back to where we parked. 

I was about to reach for her hand when she lost her footing and fell.  

I immediately tried to slow her fall but the damage was done. She was too far over center that gravity pulled her down and the sidewalk finished the rest of her and laid her out face first. 

I helped her up and dusted her off and assessed the damage. She scraped her hands and chin badly enough to cause some surface bleeding. We walked back to the car and helped her inside. I asked if anything hurt. 

She said, “Only my ego…”

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