Third Date With Shelly (to kiss or not kiss)

I punched in Shelly’s home address on my Apple map app and pulled out onto the street and headed back to the direction of her house. 

I looked over and she had her right palm on the frontal lobe of her head. I asked calmly, “Are you okay?” She said lowly, “My head hurts. I can’t believe I fell in front of you.” I said reassuringly, “I’m sure you’ll see me face plant and scorpion one of these days as you teach me to ski.” She grinned. Earlier that evening we talked about our future outings and one of them was skiing. 

I was concerned she had a concussion. She assured me she didn’t. I asked if she wanted to stop and get some pain medicine. She said, “No, I just want to go home.”

Digressing…I debated on writing about the falling episode, but I think I had to since I learned several things about Shelly and myself. Pride is a funny thing. 

One thing I learned about Shelly is that embarrassment caused her to withdraw inwardly. Maybe this was her reaction based on past experiences with her ex or somewhere in her upbringing. 

If it were opposite circumstances and I were the fallen body, I would be laughing at myself and describing the sensation of kissing the cold concrete and relating it to a bad date where I contracted some topical rash. But then again that’s how I handle embarrassing moments. We’re definitely opposites, but yet also compatible. 

Back to the story…

The rest of the drive was quiet. I turned the volume on the radio to almost stealth mode as I saw Shelly was now rubbing her frontal lobe. “Head hurts?” I asked. She nodded. I looked at the estimated arrival time and informed, “We’ll be at your house in about half an hour.” She quietly responded, “Okay.” I gently placed my right hand on the nape of her neck and gave her a light massage. She turned to me and smiled. 

After 20 minutes passed, Shelly became a little more talkative and started navigating. But my Apple map app beat her to the punch and gave the same direction. “That’s a smart app,” she said more lively. I responded using my best impression of Forest Gump, “It’s hardly ever wrong.” She recognized the voice and we both laughed. 

We arrived at her home at the time my Apple map app indicated. I helped her out of my car and walked her to her door. She unlocked her house door and checked if her kids were home. One of them responded. 

She turned back to me and we said our good nights.  

 This time she and I leaned all in and committed to our first kiss…

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