Online Dating: week 10

I typically post the dating summary on Thursdays or Fridays, but this week was filled with the third date with Shelly. 

To wrap up Shelly and my third date…

I texted Shelly the next morning to see if her headache was gone and that she had not sprained anything from her fall the night before. She confirmed she no longer had the headache and that she suffered no sprains. I texted, “Oh that’s great to hear there were no major damage.” She replied, “I still can’t believe I fell in front of you. What a ding dong!”  

I relied, “But I like ding dongs!” Then continued, “Maybe subconsciously you were letting me know you were falling for me.”  She texted back, “Maybe šŸ˜€…”

On to this week’s dating summary (these are collective numbers)

  • eHarmony: 82 icebreakers initiated; 9 responded (which includes the no show I talked about in a prior week’s post)
  • 56 messages sent with one of them as an upgraded message; 6 response. Then there was Shelli who initiated the conversation that I detailed the events in a separate post – it’s a doozy but worth the read (here’s the link:
  • Zoosk: 75 messages; one response
  • Speed dating: 19 face to face discussions. I’m counting them as mini dates because there were interaction between the two of us instead of just one sided conversations. 

Online dating – 16 responses out of 213 conversations initiated. Response rate increased to 7.5% or a 1:13 ratio and still resulting in zero face to face dates.

Speed dating – 19 face to face first dates; 3 I selected; 1 of which selected me in return and is now becoming a budding relationship with another upcoming date. 

#singleasianmale #onlinedating #textdating #loveletters #speeddating #buddingromance


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