Coffee with Karly (1st Face To Face)

I’ve used online dating since November 2015 last year and after many, many icebreaker inquiries sent, one finally resulted in a face to face date. 

Karly and I met on eHarmony and have been conversing via the site’s email system for several weeks. Once we passed the initial set of questions and the makes / breaks section, we spent a few more days exchanging emails. In one of the emails I asked if she would be available for a face to face meet up at a local coffee house. 

 Surprisingly she agreed…

We set the date for Valentine’s Day at 1PM in the afternoon in Vancouver, WA. That means I had to cross the Columbia River. I had forgotten how much traffic I had to travel through. 

According to my Apple map app, I would arrive at the location 10 minutes after 1pm. We didn’t exchange phone numbers so we were still communicating via eHarmony’s email system. So I sent her an email informing that I’ll be about 10 minutes after the hour. 

As indicated by my Apple map app, I arrived at the time indicated and found Karly sitting at one of the tables near the entrance. 

Her picture online was a little different than what she looks like in person, but close enough that I recognized her. After introducing myself, I sat directly in front of her. 

Now I’m always reading people. It’s interesting how a someone’s personality determines where they choose to sit with regards to the main door. Karly was sitting with her back to the main entrance which indicated that she wasn’t an “A” personality. A typical type “A” person would take the power seat so that they have full view of the front or main entrance. Karly didn’t sit in that chair which left me with the power seat – which is usually the seat I prefer anyway. 

We talked about the normal stuff from our kids to our work to what we did for fun outside of work. We talked for hours. In fact we talked about 3.5 hours. Although we had a long face to face encounter, there wasn’t a spark between us. We had good conversations and both had brief moments of genuine interest, howevernot much chemistry flowed between us. 

We ended our first date with a light hug.  

Neither of us hinted at seeing each other again…

#singleasianmale #onlinedating #textdating #speeddating #firstdate #valentines


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