Fourth Date With Shelly (tapas or topless)

After checking with Shelly that she had no lasting ailments from her sidewalk tripping episode, we turned our attention to the following weekend. We landed on the upcoming Saturday night for our next date. It just happened to be Valentine’s Day eve. 

The next morning at work, one of my wingwomen (Jackie) asked, “How are things with Shelly?” I exclaimed, “Things are progressing and doing well! In fact we have planned for our next date the coming Saturday night. 

Jackie was also researching a place for her and her family’s Valentine’s Day outing. She sent me a link to a new restaurant. The menu looked enticing so I texted the link to Shelly. 

 We both agreed the description of the food sounded appealing and was worth the try. I called and made reservations. 

Date number four was set…

Later that day I connected back with Jackie and she asked, “Have you found a restaurant for your date?”  I informed, “We decided to go the the new tapas restaurant.”

Now maybe I slurred my response to Jackie, but Jean, another PM Anna, and the engineering manager Zeek stopped what they were doing and stared in my direction. Anna had her ear buds in her ear but slowly removed them and became flushed. Zeek who has a natural dark complexion turned beet red. Jean’s eyes were wide and her jaw was fully extended to complete the shocked expression. All three were focused in Jackie and my direction. Jackie continued multitasking. 

Jean asked, “Where were you going?” I repeated, “A new tapas restaurant!” Zeek and Anna became even redder. Jean silently mouthed what she thought I said, “Topless?” 

 Well now my face was red and I quickly corrected them, “Oh no! Tapas, you know, where they serve food on small plates!” Zeek said relieved, “Oh thank goodness! I thought you were being really open with us!” Anna and Jean laughed out loud…

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