Fourth Date With Shelly (the valentine flower) 

Shelly and I continued texting and decided to meet at a half way mark for both of us. Then from there, we’ll take one car to the restaurant. 

Although I’m not big fan of Valentine’s Day, I thought since I’m in the beginning of a budding relationship Shelly would appreciate a momentous gift of flowers. However, the voice in my head was already yelling, “Don’t go over the top like you usually do!” So an elaborate bouquet is out. And I also need to be careful of the message sent. 

I don’t think the color red would be right at this moment in time as we’re not there yet in our relationship. My feelings are growing for Shelly but not yet in the “love” stage. Maybe in a few more weeks or months. 

 The color pink might be okay as from the end of our third date we moved beyond the friend zone and into liking each other. Truth be told, I actually felt that spark immediately after a few seconds into our very first meeting at the DateSwitch event. 

Not yellow either as that would symbolize I only want to be friends, which I most definitely want to stay out of the “just friends” zone. 

 So perhaps a white flower is apropos since white symbolizes a new beginning. 

I asked myself, “White or pink?” The little voice in my mind whispered back, “White!”

Now the type of flower is equally important as this will set the tone for Saturday night and for the next several dates. I want it to reflect that I like her and want what we have started to continue to blossom (you see what I did there?).

I’ve convinced myself it’ll be either a rose, a lily, or a carnation. I like the simplicity of the carnation but don’t think it fits our type of relationship.  

I feel Shelly and I have progressed beyond the “I’m interested in you” stage. 

To me the lily is an amazing exotic flower and symbolizes loyalty and strength and sends a unique message of deep affection and love after two have weathered through the many ebbs and flows of life and have built of a strong relationship.  

It may actually mean something else by the flower exports but that’s what this flower means to me. So not a lily, at least not right now. 

So the rose. The symbol of affection, love and romance. This definitely is the message that is the most appropriate for how I feel toward Shelly. I’m not sure about the “love” part but definitely the “like” and affection is there. 

On Saturday evening, I texted Shelly that I was on my way. On the way out of town, I stopped by a local pop up flower stand and found my vessel that would symbolically communicate my desired message.

 The single white rose…

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