Fourth Date With Shelly (possible strike out)  

I arrived at our meeting place after having circled around several times. If I had a hard time finding this rendezvous point I’m sure Shelly would too. I texted her where I was and she pulled in shortly. 

The weather was the typical Portland rainy February night. That wonderful light drizzle. I helped Shelly into my car and punched in the address to the restaurant. 

We were off…

My Apple map app decided to take us through a neighborhood and incorrectly put us in front of a residential home. Without missing a beat Shelly jokingly announced, “Well maybe the restaurant is in the house. They could be expecting us!”  We both laughed. 

I found the restaurant on my iPhone again and this time my map app routed us out of the neighborhood and to the correct location. There were lots of cars in the parking lot, which was a good sign that the food was good. I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot to park towards the back. 

Before we exited my car, I presented her with the single white rose and asked, “Do you know what this white rose symbolizes?” Shelly responded with a smile, “In Japan, it symbolizes death.” We both laughed. I retorted with a chuckle while shaking my head, “No. This is not symbolic of death but it’s a symbol of our new beginning.”  

You know there are moments in life where you wish you could redo just a small piece of it. Like I wished I had leaned in and gave Shelly a kiss after my explanation. But no, I let the moment pass. “Come on, Sam!” I thought. 

Shelly took and smelled the rose. 

She then proceeded with her gift to me. She indicated she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day and would typically not give any gifts. She continued, “But I made something for you. It’s nothing big but…” She handed me a handmade gift. 

The envelope had small white cubes glued to the outside that had a small heart on the first small cube and my name spelled out on the remaining cubes. The inside had a handmade card of a heart wrapped in foil an inscribed message “…from your favorite kindergarten teacher ”

Again another missed opportunity to lean in and kiss her. “That’s strike two Sam!  

One more you’ll be moved to the friends zone!”

Thank goodness Shelly had her game on. As we were walking into the restaurant she took hold of my hand and we walked into the restaurant hand in hand…

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