Fourth Date With Shelly (I’m crushing on you) 

With all the preparation and calling ahead several days in advance, my reservation was not found. We were given the option to wait at the bar or take the table behind their podium where they greeted their patrons. 

Since we were in no rush we opted to wait for a better table. We walked to the bar but did not find anyplace to sit. So we decided to take the two seater behind the greeting podium. 

We both removed our outer jackets and took our seats. Shelly removed her white overcoat and revealed a nice print blouse and slacks and opened toe shoes that matched the color of her overcoat. I thought to myself, “Very cute outfit.”

Similar to our previous dates, we talked for hours and hours.  

By the time we left we were the only couple remaining in the restaurant. I glanced at my watch and it showed the time was almost 11pm. We met at our rendezvous location five hours  prior. Funny thing is, it didn’t seem like five hours had passed. 

I paid for our dinner and we exited the restaurant. I drove while Shelly navigated us back to her awaiting car. We talked for a few more minutes. I was determined not to strike out. So I leaned in and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss. A few minutes later we surfaced for air. 

 I was still facing her when I confessed, “I hadn’t made out in a car since high school days.” She replied, “it’s been awhile for me as well.” We both telepathically agreed to engage in a second round of spittle exchange. At the next breather she said she had better go. 

 I helped her to her car and we exchanged another quick serious of kisses, then hugged and said our goodbyes. She texted me later that evening that she arrived home safely. 

She confessed, “… I think I’m crushing on you.” I texted back, “I feel the same about you…”

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