Online Dating: week 11

Gauging from the previous weeks, this week’s dating activities are much busier. I had three dates. Last Saturday was with Shelly, Sunday was with Karly, and Monday was with JoJo. 

I’m really crushing on Shelly as we are opposites yet very compatible. There was no spark with Karly and also none with JoJo. But I think I’ll still keep in touch with JoJo as she needs a friend to get her through this rough spot in her life. 

On to this week’s dating summary (these are collective numbers)

  • eHarmony: 86 icebreakers initiated; 9 responded; 2 face to face dates
  • 58 messages sent with one of them as an upgraded message; 6 response; 0 face to face; 1 spam that I detailed in a series of post – it’s a doozy but worth the read (here’s the link:
  • Zoosk: 79 messages; one response; 0 face to face 

Online dating – 16 responses out of 223 conversations initiated. Response rate dropped a little to 7.2% but remained at a 1:13 ratio with 2 face to face dates.

Speed dating – 19 face to face first meetings; 3 I selected; 1 of which selected me in return and is now becoming a budding relationship with our fifth upcoming date. 

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4 thoughts on “Online Dating: week 11

        1. If you do try it, here’s the two advice I would give that worked for me 1) don’t have any preconceived expectations, and 2) have fun getting to know people. Look forward to reading your experience if you do it.

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