Hike #3: Tualatin Hills Nature Park 

I only had time for another short hike this week. Luckily I live in a city where trails are available without the need to travel long distances. 

Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a large network of paths that cut in and out of the main trail. So depending on your timeline, you can probably spend a good two hours exploring each spur.  

 My time was limited so I stayed on the main trail. The trail is used by trail runners as well as folks like me who like to hike. 

I started (as I normally do) taking the trail hugging to the right. Wonder why I never start a trail going left. It must be just how my brain works. 

I took the right at the first crossroad which meandered me through a stand of oak and fir trees. The path was paved so ideal for a good walk (or run). I came across a raised foot bridge that crosses a creek.  

In the center of the bridge was what looked like a strip of outdoor carpeting. I didn’t see water directly under the bridge but did spot water off to both sides halfway through. The standing water made it look like I was in the middle of wetlands.  

 So I’m thinking the strip of carpeting must be for traction during rainy conditions or when the creek water rises. 

It first looked like the footbridge was straight but actually makes a 90 degree right turn where more bog like setting awaited me. 

 After making the right turn, the footbridge continued through the bog like area. Along this area were several outcropping of view points. The raised footbridge continued to zigzag over the bog. 

 Passed the zigzagging footbridge, the trail followed the side of a industrial building. The trail turned left and the footbridge picked up again zigzagging over the bog like setting. 

 As the footbridge ended, the path turned left and became a natural trail with puddles of water that became muddy as many hikers and trail runners before me had traveled through it. 

At this transition to the natural dirt path, the trail narrowed. At times it became a single path and required some maneuvering over fallen trees. You’ll also need to be prepared for some mud along this stretch of this trail. 

The trail finally widened and turned into a gravel path which then blended into a paved path that had several bridges to cross. The trail then traversed over the bog area over a series of zigzagging footbridge. 

 The trail looped back and merged into the  first intersection where I took that first right as I entered the trail. I continued through the intersection which took me back to where I had parked my car.  

At the entrance to the trail was one last glimpse of the bog like area…

Hike #3 summary:

  • place: Tualatin Hills Nature Park
  • miles: 2.1
  • trail type: loop
  • elevation change: 22′
  • weather: sunny with a slight breeze
  • temp: 51 degrees 
  • completion time: 1 hour 

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