Let the Waters Flow Through My Kitchen Faucet (Part 5 of 5)

It only took about one full days time, a couple emotional breakdowns, several cups of coffee, and a half tank of gas (probably not an exaggeration), to finally complete the installation my new kitchen faucet with no leaks. 

The final test was if I can wash a big item in a more efficient manner. Remember that was the problem I was trying to solve after discovering how difficult it was to wash my pots and pans (or other large items) with the short faucet. 

 I guess I could have gone through the pain of the washing difficulties, which would have been less frustrating than the changing of the faucet and the pipe fittings.

But after looking at my new faucet compared to the original, and being able to wash out my large wine carafe under the spigot with ease,  I’m glad I did. 

Bring in the next plumbing project! “Wait, I was just kidding!”

#kitchenupdates #dyikitchen #kitchenfaucet #weekendwarrier #homeprojects


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