Fifth Date With Shelly (setting up the special dinner)

In the start of relationships, things between couples are assumed as truths become clearer as discussions get more intimate and details get revealed. In my case Shelly made some generalizations that my children were all birthed by my last wife. 

Why is it that we ask how many children each of us have but we don’t ask are they from the same marriage? 

As Shelly and I were becoming closer, I felt the obligation to correct her assumptions. But how and when to do that was not clear in my mind. At least not yet, but I know it needs to be done soon and I felt the opportunity would invite itself. 

Maybe over our next dinner…

 On our fourth date, Shelly and I discovered our birthdays were one day apart. So I thought it would be great to have a celebratory birthday dinner. We both love food so I sought out advice from Lois where she thought a good place would be. She said, “There’s a Russian restaurant that serves incredible food. It’s one of my favorites!”

I googled the eating establishment and read through the menu.  

The description of the food sounded delicious. I forwarded it to Shelly and she also thought the same. We established the date and our next date night was on.

As the day came closer, the little voice in my head nagged, “You better make reservations. You don’t want a repeat of the last dinner plans where you settled on a table behind the greeting podium!”

I opened a new internet browsing window on my work laptop, found the Russian small plate restaurant and called to reserve a table.  

This particular restaurant had a self service reservation portal online which the recorded message directed me to. Unfortunately there were no time slots after 4:30pm for our Friday date night. 

Time to find plan B…

Over the course of a couple of days, I called several restaurants that had deliciously described food. Two days out, I still had no backup plan.  

Since Portland is a foodie town and our date was on a Friday, I knew from the last experience I needed a reservation to eliminate long waiting times. I was getting a bit apprehensive, but I knew deep down everything would work out as it should. 

The day before our date, I asked if Jean knew any place that would be great. Now Jean and her husband are foodies and explored new restaurants regularly. 

 Jean showed me four options which all had fantastic menus. One of the places indicated availability at 7:30pm and it allowed me to make reservations via the Open Table app. 

I didn’t tell Shelly that I changed our place of dining as I figured she would be okay since although the menu was different it had similar sounding quality food as the menu I sent her a few days prior. 

 The dinner reservation was set…

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