Fifth Date With Shelly (meet me at my house)

When I sent Shelly the menu of the Russian restaurant, we established that she would come to my house on our date night and from there I would drive us. 

On the afternoon of our date, I texted Shelly that I was leaving the office and confirmed she would meet me at my house. She texted back, “Yes, my workshop just ended and I’ll be there somewhere between 5 and 6pm.”

 Let’s go back a few steps…

I’ve got a bit of a neat freak issue which stems from my OCD – or obsessive compulsive disorder. I don’t personally consider it a disorder but a gift for keeping my house organized and free of clutter.  

My obsession of neatness and the minimalistic home decor became a topic of office conversation on that Friday afternoon a few hours before Shelly was to arrive. 

Jackie advised, “You shouldn’t let Shelly go to your house. At least not yet as she’ll take one look and bolt.” Lois added, “You have to ease her into your overly neat freakiness of your house!” 

Now Jackie and Lois have been to my house several times and haven’t said not to bring a date there. There’s no adrenaline rush like finding out your house is a prime detour zone for the person you’re dating. 

“What’s wrong with my house?”, I intrigued. Jackie described as she chuckled, “Your decor is nice but it looks like an old gay guy’s house.” 

I asked shockingly, “What? An old gay guy! Really? That’s not the look I was going for.” We both laughed. 

 Lois commented while nodding, “Yeah! I didn’t know how to describe it before but that’s it! Your house is decorated like an old gay guy’s house!” 

I shooked my head and asked, “Why haven’t either of you said anything before? It’s too late now as Shelly will be at my house tonight.” 

Jackie replied, “It didn’t occur to me until now. But it’ll be fine.” Lois also reaffirmed, “It’ll be fine! Everything will be just fine.”

 “Oh well,” I thought. “It’s too late to redecorate…”

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